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Apply here. :O

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Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): [Also indicate whether you would mind this being put up on the character list.]
Character/Fandom: [please also indicate whether this is your first, second, third, fourth, or fifth character.]
Affiliation: [Is your character a member of the mafia, part of the secret police force, or other? :O]
Background: [This is an A/U RP, so you'll have to make your character's background up yourself, but keep it true to the character as well.]
Personality: [d'urh!]
Sample Post: [Can be Narrative or first person, but make it good.]

:D Thar we go!



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First Character :D

Name/Nickname/Whatever: Chex
Real LJ: dragonalchemist
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Email: dragon.alchemist@gmail.com, AIM: HexRyuusen (It's fine to be put up. :D)
Age: 19
Character: Elric, Edward
Affiliation: Mafia agent.
Background: Edward Elric came from a house that had always been affiliated with the mafia. However, his father, Hohenheim, had some shady dealings and ended up leaving his family (wife and two sons) to deal with the backlash. Before the other gang could get their revenge, Edward and Alphonse's mother died. So they took it out on the oldest kid. Ed. He lost his arm and leg to the gang, but he survived with the help of his family friends, the Rockbells.

Now he's joined up with the opposing gang to take out the people that destroyed his family.

He'll do anything for his little brother, Alphonse, and usually takes the brunt of everything to keep Al safe.

Personality: Stubborn, insulting and very rash, but also kind hearted to those he cares about. He's book-smart, but has learned the ways of the street fast.

Sample Post:

After that last little heist, my arm needed some readjusting. I'll have to get back to Winry sometime and have her check it out. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with her Amazon wrench for very long.

I also need to go by the boss and see if I can get some more information about these Tringham kids. I hear they're into some... interesting dealings with the bar across town. Maybe I'll head over and check it out. Al'll probably want to come along; I'll make sure he's got some defense before I let him out of my sight.


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Name/Nickname/Whatever: "Rock John" Rieke
Real LJ: scinex
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): superchessmaster (AIM), scinex@gmail.com (MSN), cronicity (Yahoo!). Feel free to add it to the character list.
Age: 19
Character: Roy Mustang, only character.
Affiliation: Mafia
Background: Raised in the Bronx, Mustang took an immediate liking to adventure and thrill seeking. As a precocious youth, many opportunities presented themselves, and it wasn't long before he had developed a small name for himself. As he became more and more involved in organized crime, he began to realize his own ambitions and act on them more aggressively. Over the years he has earned himself many minions, a few friends, and plenty of enemies.
Personality: Authoritarian. Mustang is ambitious and clever, but not always level-headed. As a mafia boss his aptitude is noteworthy, but this is tempered by his tendancy to be lazy. His closer friends say that beneath the demanding and hardline deportment with which he has shaped his career, he's just a good old fashioned softie. Regardless of how true this may actually be, his opponents find little solice.
Sample Post:

Mustang's head lay on his desk, without perceptible motion. The room lay silent. Far more silent than normal. The half-closed blinds behind him cast thin streaks of moonlight across his back and his desk, the artless symbolism of which was lost on the boss. The telephone next to him shattered the silence with a cacophony of metallic chords.

Without moving his head, Roy raised his hand and moved it towards the annoying device. With a sharp snap, he yanked the wire from its recess. All was silent again, as if a giant pillow had been placed over the room.He let out a sigh as he heard the unmistakable sound of jackbooted footsteps fast approaching.

Within seconds the door had opened, then closed again, and a gaunt face looked down upon him. Several seconds passed. Then several more. Finally, from the mat of short, black hair at which the henchmen had been staring, there emerged a forehead. Finally, his entire face was visible. With a quick gesture, Mustang indicated to him that he should proceed.

"Boss, the convoy ran into trouble."


"An ambush. We don't know who it was."

"Did we lose the shipment?"

"We were able to save two trucks of Snickers, but they got all the ice cream and Pepsi."

The face that was Roy's had once again turned downward, with only his hair staring back at the minion.

"This means war!" bellowed Mustang, with unnecessary forcefulness. He placed his hand on the phone receiver and brought it to his ear. He paused only momentarily before continuting.

"Falman. Get me another phone."


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You know meeee~

Name/Nickname/Whatever: Jen~
Real LJ: operafantome
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): AIM: burnbabyBURNVIII, you can put it up on the list. :D
Age: 15 (I STILL DO SMEX. :O)
Character: First~
Background: Axel has grown up an orphan until he ran away at a young age and was taken in by one of the elite mafia groups in New York. He grew up completely detached with his emotions, and he excelled especially with his specialty weapon, the chakran. He's also quite partial to flamethrowers of any type, and his nickname among the agents has become "The Flurry of Dancing Flames".

When it comes to his jobs, he'll only get it done his way. And if it doesn't fit into his master plan, then he won't do it. With a certain disregard for the rules and his superiors, one would think it's only a matter of time before something bad happens to him...

Axel couldn't care less about the hierarchy of the mafia, and he often has no problems voicing these opinions. However, he tends to plot his hands under the table and keep them to himself. His only personal agenda now would be to steadily work his way up in the ranks and maybe get an idea of Roxas whereabouts. If he's lucky.

Personality: Badass and manipulative to the max. He's got no problems taking advantage of anyone who gets in his way, and he's never to be trusted. He always JUST manages to keep his own ass safe, however, and get what he wants at the same time. He's also extremely sarcastic, cracks jokes, and doesn't care who he pisses off. He has this persona that screams "Hahah I know something you don't" at all times. But like everyone, he's got his soft side, despite seeming like he's got no heart. There was one person he cared for, a younger boy named Roxas. He was the only person Axel truly cared for besides himself, but after a falling out and a job that had to be completed, Axel lost contact with him. Though he would never readily admit to it, he still thinks of Roxas and would like to see him again. A small part of him will always go on detours during his jobs to see if he'll run into Roxas.

Sample Post:

Another job done. They are getting kind of boring. It's the same shit over and over again, and a lot of these suckers are old men. Why should I waste my youthful talents on old geezers? That blows.

But my baby here blows better, the thing that got me my fabulous nickname. The Flurry of Dancing Flames. I'm famous. Could care less aboutt he benefits, but hey, at least people have my name memorized.

What? Another client? Fine, fine. On my way.

Private to Self
How long's it been since I saw him? Too long....I really do miss him.

Roxas. Am I ever going to get that chance again?

We both fucked up.


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Name/Nickname/Whatever: Val
Real LJ: wabisuke
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): silver8514 (AIM) ; fine to put up
Age: 20
Character: Rukia Kuchiki
Affiliation: Entertainer/Secret Police
Background: Rukia Kuchiki lived her childhood on the streets, abandoned as a child for her sister was on the run from the mafia and the stress of looking after the young Rukia was too much for her. She had a change of luck when shestarted to do a little bit of acting and was adopted into the old-money Kuchiki family when Byakuya Kuchiki saw her on a poster (under the pretext that she resembled his wife, who was then revealed to be Rukia's sister)

After learning about her true family from her adoptive brother Byakuya and how her sister was eventually gunned down by the mafia, Rukia decided to move out of the house and work undercover for the police, helping them uncover plans and members of the gangs during her work at shows. She hopes to prove to her brother that she is still capable of being successful.

One weakness? Drinking. She cannot hold her liquor.

Personality: Rukia holds a strong front, bossing some around and taking her job far too seriously at times. However, she is also curious about the ways of upper class society as she is still new to such things. At the same time, she is insecure about her own ability to do things to the expected levels her 'brother' holds her to. She has a huge sense of responsibility and this can often prove to be a weak point. At other times, it proves to be her strength. She seeks acceptance and is easily satisified with the idea of a close friend, which can be challanging to her job if that person is part of the mafia.

Sample Post:

I am exhausted though I am rather satisified with my preformance today. Brother still disagrees with this job, but I find it rather satisfying, though I could do without the lecherous men in the crowd that try to cop a feel whenever I pass through the bar. I wonder how much money the place is paying off the cops to keep their traps shut.


APPROVED. Character journal, join, reply back here. :D
Nickname: Shia
Real LJ: fl0rida
AIM: Kendo Fiend (Character List)
Age: 17
Character: First; Reno (Final Fantasy VII)
Affiliation: ShinRa: Turks; Independent Organization
Background: Born into poverty, Reno spent much of his early childhood roaming the streets and getting into trouble. At age ten, he joined a local gang which dealt in petty crime. It wasn't until he was a teenager, facing jail time, that he began to pursue an honest lifestyle. He found himself in want of a job, and so began his career at ShinRa. Being so savvy, it was not long before he'd secured himself a more desirable position.
Personality: Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. A bold, outgoing individual with eclectic taste. A cocky bastard. He smokes, he drinks, he gambles. He's deeply interested in his own appearance, and a womanizer to boot. But for all his faults, he is courageous and loyal, noble and self-sacrificing. He holds his friends in the utmost regard and will do most anything to please them.
Sample Post:

Been gone two days, and I return to a fucking madhouse. S'all kinds of shit scattered everywhere. Whole place is in disarray. Almost looks like they had a party. All I can say is, nobody better have touched the beer.

Part 2

Reno surveyed the room, looking mildly impressed by its degraded quality. They sure had done a number to it. Keyword being they. He refused to take part in its cleaning. It was with something of a smirk that he kicked off his shoes and prepared to wade through the mess. So long as nobody had taken it upon themselves to make off with his supply of beer--perfectly contraband, he noted with pride--he figured he could make do like this for a couple of days. Elena was likely to throw a hissy fit, anyway, so it probably wouldn't be long before everything was back in its place. 'Til then, it was easy living.

Er. First character.

Name/Nickname/Whatever: Lana/Lala
Real LJ: nayanroo
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): HeliosGunner2006 - ok to post
Age: 17
Character: Ororon Arawn
Affiliation: Mafia~~ A bouncer~
Background: Ororon's grandfather was a bandit who made it big by robbing pioneers and gold mines; the Arawns have lived in relative comfort in the city since then. Ororon's father formed a deal with the local mob, but went back on it and was killed; his mother went crazy with grief and tried to kill Ororon and his two other brothers. As a debt of honor, Ororon now works as a bouncer at a speakeasy.

Personality: sarcastic wise-ass who takes every chance he can to insult someone, but with a soft side.

Sample Post:

Ororon squinted against the sunlight coming through the dusty window in his dingy apartment and glared over at the clock, now on the floor - it was three in the afternoon. Time to get ready for work.

Rolling out of bed, Ororon stumbled into the bathroom and washed his face, then shaved and threw on a pair of pants before making his way, much more sturdily, to the kitchen. Nothin', as usual. This was a damned bachelor pad, there never was anythin' worth eating. So he put on his shirt and suit coat, his long trench, and headed out the door. He was halfway down the stairs when he realized he had to go back for his fedora.

The streets weren't too crowded in this neighboorhood; no one noticed him slip into a back alley and into door of the speakeasy. He hung his trench and fedora up in the back and stretched. Time for work.


APPROVED! Make a character journal, join here and the other two RPs, then reply back with yer journal.
Please to be reserving Aizen, Shuuhei, Ichigo, and Hitsugaya for me.


Name/Nickname/Whatever: Lana/Lala
Real LJ: nayanroo
Contact Info: DIFFERENT THIS TIME. sephiranetzach at hotmail dot com. ok to post.
Age: 17
Character: Krad Hikari - second
Affiliation: Secret police - museum curator by day, sexy undercover cop by night...?!
Background: The Hikari family is locally known for its artworks, so it seems natural that their eldest son, Krad, studied Art History and business at college and became the curator of a nearby museum. Of course, there's more to this blonde than meets the eye - in addition to his business/art background, he became an officer of the law, and now works as an undercover agent investigating the local mob. His...somewhat unconventional methods of garnering information out of captured suspects have earned him a wary respect and a reputation.

Personality: Krad is sadistic, driven, obsessive and charismatic. He's able to gain trust easily and keep it; charming on the outside and a chilly interior.

Sample Post:
Hn. This last suspect brought us closer to another mob ring here in the city. The place is overrun with the rats. It's good that last one finally broke, or else we'd never have known about this new den of 'em. I'm gonna go in and try to infiltrate one of their known lairs, a speakeasy.

On another note, the museum recieved a generous donation from the MacDuffs, and the donation of an original Monet from the Hamlets. Highly beneficial to the standing of the City Museum of Art and History.


You know the drill. :O
Actually, also reserve both Russell Tringham and Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist) for me. I told myself I wouldn't take more than one but I gots ideas in my head. Noooo. XD;
Done and Done. :O
Please reserve Aburame Shino for me? I'll post it by tonight but I'm paranoid. D8
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Roppie.
Real LJ: yhaythar as of soon!
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Ropponmatsu3. Feel free to list it.
Age: 14.
Character/Fandom: Kurotsuchi Nemu, Bleach. First Character.
Affiliation: Mafia, of the Yokobue Family.
Daughter to the mad scientist Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Nemu is used quite frequently as a test-subject when a new substance is made. Finally given the luxury of being away from her father, though, she is now testing his things elsewhere, sending back consistent reports whilst experiencing life in the Yokobue family. She doesn't particularly enjoy where she is, but as it is Mayuri's will she does it without question.
Nemu Kurotsuchi has an overall submissive personality, namely to her own father, Mayuri. With pretty negative things beaten into her head, she doesn't ask for much, and when she does she'll accept whatever answer that comes her way. With that, she's loyal and/or generally kind to those who rank higher or especially please her, and acts indifferently to pretty much everybody else. She doesn't have much of a mind of her own and will believe what she is told to believe, feel what she is told to feel, and know what she is told to know.
Sample Post:
Something she had learned throughout her time away from Mayuri-sama was the concept of monkey-see-monkey-do. It was a common form of learning and practicing, unlike her way, which was mostly told and read, and rarely held demonstration. All she could do was hope she was doing it the right way, and if it wasn't, she'd tweak her settings and try it again.

It was a freezing December evening when her eyes came across a small group of children. Her only 'time off' had been spent sitting on a park bench, as she wasn't used to spending time not carrying out an order. So, on the seventeenth hour of December fourteenth, she observed the actions of small children. Most were walking away due to calling mothers and curfews and such, but the few that stayed behind proceeded with building an odd structure: a large snow-sphere on the bottom, one slightly smaller on top of that, and another smaller one on top of that.

With her interest growing, she stood up and waded her way through the thick snow that crunched beneath her thin boots and slowly seeped through the leather. As she was about to inquire what the intentions were of the children, she stopped in her tracks.

Childs play is unproductive and utterly pointless. Don't waste your time with it, unless you want to be more worthless than you already are.

She fixed her scarf over her lips to preserve her warmth as she turned the other direction, once again seeking a productive order.


Reply here with your character journal, please!
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Arielle, but call me Ari please.
Real LJ: sei_kou_ki
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): InsecticdeDeath for AIM, fire_youkai1 for yahoo. Do what you want with that information~
Age: 15
Character: Aburame Shino
Affiliation: Secret police force

Background: Aburame Shino showed signs of brilliance at a young age. At the age of sixteen, he graduated from highschool and mmediately joined the Japan's secret police force. After three years of efficiently catching Yakuza, he was transferred to New York to assist the Mafia issue. He was needed for his almost genius way of analyzing evidence and quick reflexes in a fight. Posing as a college student with constantly changing part time jobs, he blends in well enough for a foreigner. his mother was Italian, a part of his life has been kept quiet throughout his life and that he hides behind tinted glasses.

Personality: Honest in the rare times he speaks, but not open. Calm and cool in all situations, and hard to rile up. Introverted, serious, silent, seemingly emotionless.

Sample Post:

The way the woman's fingers crawled up her cup, lingered over her chest to her lips and wrapped around back to her cup again would have been provocative. It would have been a signal to any average, healthy boy of nineteen with certian wants and those types of urges. Shino was healthy enough, but it wasn't said often that Aburame Shino was 'average'. Even in a bartender's uniform pouring liquors to people nearly twice his age, he didn't strike as an 'average' individual. His stance was far too straight and stiff for a boy his age, no, his whole personality was. The way he held himself was similar to one with years of experience, not possible for someone who was in the age of naivety. That said, he wasn't average; he found the woman's movement as an annoying, childish habit she should grow out of.

Of course, he didn't mention that when she spoke to him, in fact he didn't respond at all. "You don't look like you're around these parts, young man."
Shino's blue eyes flickered over his glasses, but kept his attention to wiping a spare shot glass clean. These 'after school jobs' were just cover ups, yet he always took his them as seriously as a mission. Besides, he had no business with the woman therefore she was irrelevant. The woman contiued despite her lack of importance.

"You know, you look a lot like my husband~." Slim hands reached across the counter between them and wrapped around his tie. Other than his shoulders tensing, his reaction was none. Her smell was intoxicated with alcohol and a strong, unpleasant perfume. He kept working and moved on to the next glass. "Do you know him?" Again, silence was her answer and she grew irritated.

"You should you know, kid." She figered the silk tie between two moist fingers, and gazed at him in annoyance. The woman was determined to inform this naive but handsome boy of her husband and show how important she was. "He's Johnny! THE Johnny! The one who controls this district if you know what I mean" Sure enough, Shino did and after a moment he gently pried her hand off of his clothing. The woman smirked gleefully when he offered her a drink, thinking she had caught his attention. In reality, the boy was running over his head all the dirty little secrets he could pry from her. Things like this always made the job easier.


Reply here with your character journal, please!

Second Character!

Name/Nickname/Whatever: Chex

Real LJ: dragonalchemist

Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Email: dragon.alchemist@gmail.com, AIM: HexRyuusen (Okay to post)

Age: 19

Character/Fandom: Wolfwood, Nicholas D. (Trigun)

Affiliation: Neutral independent on the surface. (*winkwink*)

Background: His mother died when he was young, and he hated his father so much that he took up a gun and shot the bastard. After that, he was a loner on the streets for a while before being taken in by one of the smarmier of the mob bosses.

He trained to be a killer up until he was about 20, then decided to say 'screw you' and instead took up a bible. He studied in a church and eventually became a priest, whose favorite pastime just happens to be taking care of the children who come to him for help.

Now, he's a quazi-clergyman who's as good with a gun as with his bible, and runs a drug-busting and sting operation out of his wholesome little church. He just happens to carry around a huge, cloth-covered cross that serves as a case for his eight pistols, a machine gun and a rocket launcher.

Personality: He seems like a simple man of the cloth upon first inspection, and even some of the people that know him best don't know all about him. He's a master at keeping secrets, usually covering them up as 'church business,' and has a taste for adventure. He's firm in his beliefs, and it takes a lot to move him to think different, but once he sees that something isn't right, he strives to make it so. He sacrifices a lot for his church and the kids that take refuge there.

Sample Post:

Nicholas tilted his chair back, placing his feet on the windowsill and lighting the bent cigarette that hung precariously from his lips. Skillfully blowing a smoke ring, he simply watched the clouds scuttle across the sky for a moment before grunting and stubbing the half-gone butt in his ashtray.

He didn't particularly enjoy that last little bust, from which he'd acquired a limp that'd last him at least a day or two. Damn drug dealers.

He shoved his hands roughly into the pockets of his rumpled suit pockets and trudged out the door, immediately plastering on his smile for his wandering kids. Toast and applesauce for breakfast, and cereal for little Ryan. His smile almost reached his eyes at that.


APPROVED. :D You know the drill. <3
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Roppie.
Real LJ: yhaythar as of soon!
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Ropponmatsu3; Feel free to list me.
Age: 14.
Character/Fandom: Shiba Kuukaku, Bleach. Second Character.
Affiliation: Other. Fireworks and Explosives Shop Owner.
Being the only sister between two brothers, Kuukaku developed an interest in fire, explosives and such. In that sense, she's a pretty good chemist, and thus an excellent observer. When she began making explosives of her own as a young teenager, she somehow wanted to put them to use. She made quite a few mini-fireworks shows (with admission fees, of course) and ended up becoming quite well-known for her successful fireworks and bombs.

While that was a blessing, it was also a curse. Being well-known for her explosives triggered a few run-ins with gangsters threatening her for some bombs. For many of them, she sent them off with puny bombs that barely had any impact, but one particular confrontation disrupted her routine in the makings. One of the groups she handed faux bombs to returned with a grduge and demanded better, and within the fight she set off one of her explosives, the consequence being her own right arm.

This made things difficult for a while, but she found a way to work with it. With a shop set up in the more shady parts of town, she often acts as the police's eyes and ears at times, where her observational skills come to place. She's not officially of the police, but she is there to help out, bringing an advantage to the force.
Kuukaku is a pretty reliable woman if one pleases her enough. While she enjoys a life of luxury, she is also determined to fulfill her duties, promises and responsibilities faithfully and without flaw. Often times she is seen as a bossy woman, even if she is pretty much the natural head of her crew to begin with, and therefore isn't one to be reckoned with. She may be willing to take risks and experiment, but she isn't so rash as to ignore the basics or disregard that consequences may come, so with that said she is very practical and observant.

Regarding her own personal taste, she often has a rough, if not cunning way of speaking, never tossing reality and honesty aside, but she still holds her feminine instinct in which the total lack of hygiene and decent appearance occurs to her as downright filthy and lazy.
Sample Post:
S'gotten lonely here, with Aniki chasin' a certain skirt an' Ganjyuu doing whatever a Ganjyuu does. All I have to keep me company are a few dumbasses talkin' about death and destruction at the fricken counter. I was hopin' the mafia was at least, ya know, intelligent. Pro'lly on the lam as I speak.

Ah, well. Thinkin' about holding a fireworks show here, soon. S'gotten pretty dull around here.
APPROVED. :D You know what to do.


Name/Nickname/Whatever: Fai

Real LJ: gatekeeperdra

Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): AIM: gatekeeperdra (yes, you can put it up)

Age: Gaara? 17, we’ll say. Me? Late teens.

Character/Fandom: Gaara from Naruto. first character.

Affiliation: Other

Background: Gaara has little love for either the Mafia or the secret police. His father was the head of the mafia for a long time, but was killed by the secret police. His mother died giving birth to him. He has two older siblings, Temari and Kankuro, but does not know what happened to either of them. He’s a spy or gun for hire.

Personality: A mild sociopath. He’s very reclusive and never wastes words. He will accept missions, but if they don’t turn out the way someone wanted, they can go screw themselves. His methods are often...messy, but he never leaves clues of himself or his employer behind, and sometimes makes it impossible for the victim to be identified. He doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t want many. They’d get in the way. He’s a drifter, so it takes some effort to get a hold of him.

Sample Post: Gaara rinsed his hands in the sink in the kitchen and looked over his shoulder at the living room.

The man he had been ordered to kill was very, very dead, his brains splattered on the wall behind him, forming a red halo. Gaara had also shot him through the heart, so the blood was still leaking sluggishly from the gaping cavity in his chest, dying the white shirt the victim had been wearing a sticky maroon. He turned off the water and picked up a cloth, drying his hands, then swiping it over his gun, picking up whatever bone shards or blood that had been flicked onto it. He cleaned his face, then dropped the cloth into the trash bin. He slipped his gun back into the halter beneath his jacket.

He walked out onto the fire escape and jumped down the flights of steps, leaving the murder scene behind him.

OOC: good enough?


APPROVED. Make a character journal, join all thre communities, comment back here with your character journal, and be sure to check out the log comm since there are already open threads there. Or create your own~ <3

Also, I love Gaara so much. So thank you. XD
Nickname: Shia
Real LJ: fl0rida
AIM: Kendo Fiend
Age: 17
Character/Fandom: Miyako; Bleach
Affiliation: Secret Police
Background: A regular lily of the slums; born into poverty, Miyako spent most of her childhood watching her parents struggle to make ends meet. Thanks to their careful efforts, she received a modest education, and was able to pursue a career in something other than the manual labor her family had long-since grown accustomed to.

Along with volunteer work, she held two jobs, busing tables at a coffee house and working as a teacher's aid, when she was targeted as a potential recruit for the Secret Police. With some hesitance, she accepted the job and began her training during off-hours. She'd come into the station looking haggard and weary, but still able to keep a smile of contentment on her face.

Personality: A gentle, soft-spoken young woman. Clever with her hands, and eager to help the ailing. Strong work ethics. Fiercely devoted. Graceful and polite. Neighborly and compassionate. Responsible and authoritative. Intelligent and free-thinking.
Sample Post: ... Mmm. I spent the morning doing laundry. A chore I've never minded, really. Of course, it does have its drawbacks. My hands are red and raw, even now. But I absolutely adore the smell of freshly-washed linen. It's so pleasant and homey; I wonder what Kai--

Well, nevermind such frivolity. It's back to work with me!
APPROVED. I'm lazy, so, you know what to do~
Name/Nickname/Whatever: ARI AGAIN
Real LJ: sei_kou_ki
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): InsecticideDeath; Aim, fire_youkai1;YIM
Age: same as the last time.
Character/Fandom: Kira Izuru from Bleach. Second character.
Affiliation: Special Police Force

Background: As a child, Kira Izuru was always an enthusiastic, optimistic boy. Even after his parents died in a 'car accident', he kept his head up high and joined the police force. However, as he grew older more and more pressures were put on him and he tried too hard to appease them all. Now, his manner is nervous, dazed, and somewhat distressed but his work quality is still superb. Kira makes sure it is; he doesn't want to end up a failure and a disappointment to everyone around him. He poses as a high school student that works at a flower shop.

Personality: There's always a half lidded on his face and his head is always bent downwards. He has somewhat of an inferiority complex, a bit neurotic, and apologies often. Rules and work come first to him, but Kira can be a good friend.
Sample Post:
"Amen." A quick sign of the cross and he was done. Kira dusted off the grass stains on his trousers as he stood up from the ground. He smiled at the grave monuments below him, but it didn't quite reach his eyes; it never did anymore. Kira knows that and he hates it. After a month of not being able to visit his parents, he had hoped to show his parents how well he was doing. The seventeen year old already had a stable, well paying career already after all, enough to pay for his living niceties. His grandparents had offered him their household lovingly, but he declined. It wouldn't do for them to find out about his profession.
Then he sighed, remembering he was only on a break. He un rumpled the paper that was balled up in his palm and reread it for the hundredth time that hour. The man on it had outstanding evidence of illegal money handling activity on him, possibly connected to the Mafia and the deaths of several bank employees It was his job to have a 'talk' with the man, and from past experiences, Izuru knew the man wouldn't 'talk' to a boy like him so easily. Fournately, Izuru was experienced at how to force the man into submission. A hand pressed on the pocket where the pistol was and smiled briefly at his parents again.
"Bye, father. Farewell, mother." He bowed, hair covering half his face. "Forgive me for not being able to stay long, but I need to go to work before my after school tutoring session." Not expecting an answer, he walked away.
APPROVED. Character journal, join the communities, and reply back here. :O
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Roppie.
Real LJ: yhaythar.
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Ropponmatsu3. Sure thing.
Age: 14.
Character/Fandom: Faust, Guilty Gear. Third Character.
Affiliation: Secret Police, also owns a clinic.
Faust had always been a deformed child growing up, being taller than most kids and flexible in ways almost unimaginable. Word is he's missing several ribs and was practically born with flexible muscles, and that he even took advantage of his body's state and developed on it. None of that is false. Faust, just being one of those rare human beings with deformed physical features, is missing ribs and is really quite flexible.

Along with all of his other deformed features, he also suffers drastic hair loss and rough, tan skin. He wears a paper bag over his head as not to scare the common public as much, although people tend to avoid him just for the bag.

That said, Faust grew up with an interest in anatomy, if only because of his own anatomical features. Because his mother died after giving birth to him, he was raised by his father, who was a pharmacist. He practiced medicine aside his father and took interest in surgical procedures. All he had witnessed, though, was success.

One day, when he performed a type of surgery on a little girl, it turned out to be a failure. Upset with the result, he suffered a mental breakdown and literally went insane, destroying all who was in the hospital. Luckily he was caught in time and locked up.

Before that incident, what he did accomplish was rather impressive, the truth of the matter being that he was a medical prodigy. Years later, when he was released, he went back with the desire to join the police, to not only repent for his sins, but also because it was because of the police that he was prevented from doing more damage than what had already been done. As a doctor, he believes that if it's in his capability, he is also responsible for preventing mishap before it even begins.

Thus, he became the police man he is, and a medical doctor and surgeon.
In many, many ways, Faust is extremely cooky, nonsensical and all-around quirky. As a man of approxamitely nine feet with a paper bag over his bald, deformed head, his appearance could already determine that much. However, what many miss of him is his general kindness and determination to prevent and cure diseases. He's passionate about what he does and can hold a serious conversation, but he's also a man of quirk and aloofness.
Sample Post:
"Just a boop-a-boop there and a coop-a-coop there and...," Faust sung a rhythmatic song strictly following the consonants of the alphabet whilst contructing a little something, after disecting a bomb he'd bought from the local fireworks and explosives shop. "...And a noop-a-noop there and a poop-a-poop there... Eeeeheheheheee!" He giggled upon the scandalous term: poop. "And a quoop-a-quoop there and a roop-a-roop there..."

After repeating his little tune about three and a half times, he grinned behind his paper bag and held up his home-made bomb. "Yay! Time to try it out!"

He got on his hands whilst staying on his feet, and crawled outside, pushing the door open with his head. After stationing himself in the middle of his experimental yard, he set the bomb in the middle and lit the match upon the yarn attached to it.

"Bombs away!" he announced just before it exploded.

The impact had been much, much stronger than he intended.

2nd character

Name/Nickname/Whatever: Fai

Real LJ: gatekeeperdra

Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): gatekeeperdra

Age: 18
Character/Fandom: Sabakuno Kankuro, 2nd character

Affiliation: Suna Mafia

Background: The new co-leader of the Suna mafia after their father, the former Kazekage, was knocked off by the secret police. He and his sister run the group, and search for their little brother, who was next in line to be the Kazekage.

Personality: Sarcastic to a fault, cruel in a practical way, but responsible. He loves playing with people’s minds, and has managed to occasionally have the secret police work against each other, by feeding them conflicting, false, information. He lets his sister cook up the plans, while he keeps track of all their members. Out of all the clans, Suna has the least turncoats...probably because the result of doing so is a slow, painful, messy death.

Sample Post: I marveled, once again, at the spy’s ineptness. I keep very careful track of all of the members, and even know the people who merely work alongside of us. I finish tying up the poor slob and look at him. There must be a look on my face, since the way he is trembling, while amusing, is pathetic.

Ah, well. We mustn’t let him get too uncomfortable.

I pull out my thin, razor-sharp wire and tie a loop around each of his wrists, then his elbows, then his shoulders, watching as the blood begins to well up underneath the wire.

“When I’m finished with you, run back to your boss and let him see the consequence of trying to infiltrate my organization.”

I pulled on the strings, and off came his arms in slices, and I smiled at the muffled scream that came from the man before me. I proceeded to give him small, but biting, lacerations across his chest and legs, reminding him each time why this is happening to him. When I finally finished, he was a mess, blood seeming to come from every pore.

“Now, go.”

I hauled him up onto his feet and pushed him out the door, watching as he tottered out into the streets, where the rain washed some of the blood from his clothes, while also preventing them from scabbing.

Maybe he’d die of bloodloss before he got to his boss. Ah, well. When found, he would still prove my point. Perhaps even better.

Only the news tomorrow would tell.

Re: 2nd character

APPROVED. Just a quick note -- you can write in third person on logs and stuff (which can go in the log community, hu hu hu~). Just, with the journals, they should be written like an actual entry in a character's personal journal. :D Welcome aboard --again! -- y'know what to do. :B


Name: Nate
Real LJ: go_hifreann_lea
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Put it on up.
AIM: dulcet raindance
MSN: lovetehcrybaby
Age: 15

Character/Fandom: Temari from Naruto.
Affiliation: Mafia, part of the Sunano family. OR DO I NEED PERMISSION? *a little confused*

Background: Temari, eldest and heir of the Sunano fortune and livelihood, has found herself forced to fight for what she believes is rightfully hers. Nevermind that she had to put up with her deceased father for years, although that by itself should have earned her this right, surely through the years she had proven herself both responsible and intelligent enough to take the family business into her own hands. Surely.

And what was the family business? Well, what fortune has not been built upon the exploitation of others? The Sunano's money is no different. All niceties aside, they sell weapons to whoever can shell out the cash. Sure, Temari doesn't exactly agree with that, having certain morals and values, after all, but money is money, and power is power. As a woman, looked down on by the world, she feels she needs both to prove herself worthy.

Personality: Temari is very ambitious woman, and one who regularly puts her own desires above those of others. There are only a few people she actually cares for, which include her two brothers and small number of friends. And so, if the time comes to protect them, she will do all in her power to help them.

She would never have gotten as far as she had if she had lacked brains. Good at making strategies and planning three steps ahead of her enemies, she has an easy time staying on top. But even these assets could not have gotten her here if she wasn't cold hearted. If she is forced to chose between herself or her brothers, and an innocent citizen, she'll fuck that stranger over without a second thought.

Sample Post: Temari awoke to the trilling sound of her alarm, which sounded too much like a foghorn at this point in the morning. It was still dark outside, her drapes keeping out so much of the sunlight so that it felt like the middle of the night in her bedroom. She groggily stumbled towards the window, and gave the city morning a greeting.

It never took her too long to awaken, just a few seconds for her eyes to adjust themselves and she was ready, mind already flashing to her appointments for the day. Today she would meet with the family lawyer to the discuss some trouble Kank had gotten into. As usual, he wasn't as skilled as his sibling at escaping detection, but Baki knew the law and its loopholes well. He'd get by.

Ah, it would be best to wear an older suit today, she reasoned, hands pushing through the clothing hanging in the closet. Baki had known her when she had sand in her hair and grass stains on her knees, so appearance did not matter as much as it usually did. Plus, she didn't want to give him the idea that she dressed up for him. Men saw her as a woman now, which instead of meaning rival, meant mate.

She wouldn't be mating for some time yet. If ever.

A quick succession of beeps signaled her first phone call of the day. Sighing, she dug into her coat pocket and dished out the small cellphone.

"Sunano Temari, here."


Oh, and I didn't read the backgrounds of Gaara or Kank before I applied because I hate looking through apps, but I'm willing to change Temari's if accepted.
Real LJ:
Contact Info: AIM: lanceluver012 (g'head and stick 'er up there)
Age: 20
Character/Fandom: Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist (First Character!)
Affiliation: Secret Police
Background: Alphonse is the younger brother of Edward, and after Ed ran off to get revenge for losing his limbs, Al stayed with the Rockbells. After a while, they lost contact with Edward, and Al went to find him. He trained in hand-to-hand combat with Izumi Curtis for a while, and then joined the Secret Police to try and find his brother. Once he'd tracked him down to New York City, he opened a pet shop as a front and base of operations for his search.
Personality: Al is polite and easily embarassed, yet confident in who he is and in his skills, and while he still respects his brother as his brother, he tells him when he's being stupid. He also has a certain affinity for cats.
Sample Post:

Brother should be around here somewhere. There's alot of stuff going on around here that would attract the sort of people that hurt Ed, and the people that Dad was affiliated with.

My information led me here, and I was warned that once I got here, I'd be on my own. But I'll find him. Winry wants to wrench him for vanishing
My name is Chris/Lance/purple and this is my real LJ
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Roppie.
Real LJ: yhaythar
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): Ropponmatsu3. Go ahead.
Age: 14.
Character/Fandom: Chipp Zanuff, Guilty Gear. Fourth Character.
Affiliation: Mafia; Drug Trafficker.
Orphaned at a young age, Chipp Zanuff was extremely easy to manipulate while he was on his own, as he was basically a sucker to anyone who treated him well. Upon encountering a gang at the age of ten, he was offered an immediate position as a pick-pocket, and despite knowing it was wrong he took the job. He decided that as long as he was useful, and that as long as he had a purpose, and that as long as he had some sort of "family" to look after him, it was worth-it. As the years progressed with his successful performance, he was "promoted" to drug trafficking. While at first he abstained from drugs and only managed to sell them, his getting involved with such substances was inevitable. He became addicted, and his performance started going downhill from there.
Crude and temperamental. Before he became addicted to drugs, he had an attitude but still had a sense of good character. When he became addicted, though, he developed a sense of almost no character. Just as he had been manipulated by the Mafia, he is manipulated by drugs. Without his fix, he gets angry to the point of destruction and emotional breakdowns, as if he recognizes where his life is. He shows a constant lack of disrespect toward the general public, although he desperately desires to be recognized and saved.
Sample Post:
If there was one thing that was for certain, Chipp did not want to get up from his bed, much less exit his room. After how busy the night prior was, he felt he deserved a little alone-time, just to sleep and all in all forget life. But, it wasn't like he had a say in the matter. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his dark-rimmed eyes. With uneasy steps, he stumbled his way to the restroom-- he couldn't even feel his own feet.

After a loud, obnoxious yawn he opened the cabinet and glanced around for a few specific pills, but his mind completely forgot about that when he came across the Vaseline. It was pretty much full, as he only used it whenever he had cracked lips... But with a sly smirk, he thought of a new way he could use it.


"Shut the fuck up, I'm comin'!" he shouted back toward the man on the other side of his bedroom door. In a matter of seconds he opened the door. "A'ight, let's go."

"W-What the fuck is up with yer eyes?"

"Oh, jus' some, ya know, what's it called... Pink eye, that shit. Think I better stay back? Stuff's contageous an' all..."

"Oh, shit man, yeah..."


Reply here with your character journal, yo.
Name/Nickname/Whatever: Tale
Real LJ: whisperinghope
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!): tenshinoariake
Age: 15+
Character/Fandom: First~! Roxas, Kingdom Hearts II
Affiliation: Mafia-Police Double Agent | Pretending to be a normal person and attends school.
Background: Roxas does not remember anything from before he turned the age of eight - on the eve of Christmas day, he was found as a child wandering the streets of New York with nothing on him, save what seemed to be two giant keys. He was picked up by a person Roxas only knows as the Stranger - and it was under the Stranger that Roxas slowly recovers his health, but never his memory.

Known as the ‘new kid’, Roxas was quickly scouted by the Mafia to join them - and only after accepting the invitation, did Roxas find out the Stranger was actually part of the secret police. Feeling as if he owed the Stranger something, Roxas decided to join both (but kept it as a secret from the Stranger) as a double agent.

It was in one of the missions for the mafia where Roxas had met a guy called Axel who piqued his interest(he didn‘t tell the other exactly what he was, pretending to be a normal person), but some matters had happened, eventually leading to a falling out - besides, Axel had his own mission to complete, and the two lost contact.

Now, he prefers to stay in the background, but has no choice but to complete the missions that are given to him from both sides. He is known in the Mafia world as the 'Key of Destiny' who is always cloaked and has never revealed his face to anyone.

Personality: Apathetic at times - he knows what he wants and being stubborn, nothing will usually deter him from his ultimate goal, whatever it happens to be. Moody, he is easily angered by injustice or wrongs that are done against him - but that doesn’t mean he'll leave it be. Roxas can and will fight those who stand in his way, even if it will account to nothing in the end. Not a very open person, Roxas is loyal and forever true to those who managed to endear themselves into his heart.

Sample Post: More homework. Olette’s bugging me about the project again, though I doubt Hayner and Pence are going to be free anytime with their new schedule and all...

I’m going to go finish math first.


...another mafia mission. More deaths. I’m sick of this, but…

I can’t back out now.

Key of Destiny...//private

[ooc; I tried to coincide with Axel's history. :x]


Reply here with your character journal, yo.
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