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the_broderick's Journal

The Broderick || A Multi-Fandom 1920's RP
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Growing up is something different
In the 1920's New York it's awfully twisted
But'cha gotta keep up on your feet
Gotta keep track of what you did last week
And this week, now.

The Mafia keeps growin' in numbers
Found in ladies and found in bouncers
Keepin' an eye out becomes a chore
But the police also comes in scores.

The press don't know this,
But there's a lot of posin'
Common people live lives
Like nothin' to lose and,
They don't know what they goin' through
But if they knew they'd be in hidin'.

Mafia, they control the lives and
People don't know, no no not just yet but,
They've got it comin' if the force is slackin',
Yeah, yeah.

Now, it's the_broderick, I say
It's the_broderick,
Same thing every day behind the backs of
Buildings of brick,
It's the_broderick, now.
[Written by yhaythar].


New York, 1924; as the Mafia branches out and grows in number, police are finding it harder and harder to control this organized force of crime. The Black Market is on the rise and trade between families of the mafia has grown hazardous, with broken deals and unruly customers bringing only more trouble by the day.

The Police, in a desperate attempt to control and capture the lethal members of the mafia, has formed a team of undercover agents to infiltrate, spy on, and bring down the mafia. These fighters, who seem to be every day people - news-stand owners, teachers, teenage girls - are, in all truth, some of the most deadly and highly trained agents that the force has ever seen.

It is with them that the hope of the common man lies. For, in the Mafia's New York, everyone is a victim.


[i] Be polite. Respect both the staff and your fellow members. If you are having a problem with a certain member, or anything else, just simply notify a mod and the problem will be dealt with immediately. In return, kindly report any and all rule breaking to either a moderator or myself, and do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.

Also, OOC =/= IC. If a certain character is being a bitch to your character, do not immediately assume that the player does not like you. If a character is homophobic or racist, do not immediately assume that the player is.

Anyone who fails to follow this rule will receive a shovel to the face.

[ii] No Original Characters Allowed. As much as I want to allow them because I have a few of my own, original characters are not permitted at this moment to save confusion. [.. this will probably change later, ahaha.]

[iii] ALL R and NC-17 Logs/posts are to be put behind a cut. No ifs and or buts about it.

[iv] To avoid confusion, please do not friend this community with your normal journal.

[v] Stay in-character. Whatever personality your character had in their original series must remain. If Gin or Orihime suddenly starts slitting their wrists, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG.

[vi] Yuri/Yaoi/Het is entirely accepted here. Just keep all of the dirty little secrets your characters may have behind a cut, plzkthx. :D

[vii] No god-modding; do NOT force someone's character to do something, and always give another player a chance to fight back in a fight.

[viii] When advertising a mafia family or organization, please post them in the broderick_ooc community.


- Joining is pretty simple. No, for serious.

- Check the list of taken characters before applying.

- Apply here. Give time for applications to be approved, because the mods kind of have lives, too. :D Also, apply with your own journal; do not apply with an already-made character journal.

- Reserves are allowed, but they only last for one week.

- Once approved, create a character journal. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN JOURNAL.

- Join the_broderick, broderick_ooc and broderick_logs with your character journal.

- The starting character limit is five. This subject is to change later on, but for now, it's five.

- A list of affiliations can be found here.

- A FAQ is available here.

- Use the friends add here. Check up on it everyone once in a while for updates, and comment on the entry to add yourself to it.



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