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broderickbosses in the_broderick

| FAQ |

All questions answered here! If you have a question and it's not answered here, just respond and it shall be. :D

How long can I keep a character on reserve?

One week. If you don't put up anything within a week, we'll have to remove your reserve from the list. D:

How long does it usually take for an application to be approved?

There is no set time for how long this will take. The mods have lives, too, so don't get freaked out if your app isn't responded to right away. We'll get to it, don't worry! :D

What is godmodding?

God-modding is both the control of someone else's character without permission, and complete invulnerability to attacks/attacking and giving the other character no chance to counter. This should be avoided. :D

Are canon powers allowed?

No. Characters here can fight with fists, guns, swords and whathaveyou, but no energy beams or tetsusaigas or kamehamewhatthehell's. Remember, this is NEW YORK IN THE '20's, so stay true to that in every aspect.

I don't like the way this person plays his/her character.

Unless the person is severely out of character for no reason, we can't and won't do anything about that. If you don't like the way a character is played, you're going to have to bite your tongue and go with it; or talk it out with the player.

What kinds of characters are allowed?

Real people aren't allowed, but any fictional character (including characters from shows, but not actors) is totally permitted. :D

Got a question? Comment and we'll add it!


Gaara is, for lack of a better word, a lurker of sorts, and has extensive info on both forces. Does this mean I can access special force and mob specific posts? and if there is only one post that I can comment to to offer my...services...may I do that even if it's a side-specific post?
You can have Gaara offer his services anywhere, but I think you'd need permission from a player's mun to hack their posts, unless it's clearly stated that it's hackable. If you've got permission, then by all means -- go for it!

September 2006

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